Dutchy Creek Trail to Silver Creek – Rogue River-Siskiyou NF


Total Distance: 7.57 miles.

The trail begins at around 2,120 ft elev. north of the Sam Brown Horse Camp in the recreational area of Brigg’s Valley, goes up and over Crome Ridge at 4,320 ft elev. before dropping down into the Silver Creek drainage at around 2300 feet. The tallest Sugar Pine tree in the world was recently discovered in the vicinity

of Big Pine. This historic trail appears to have been built by the Civilian Conservation Corp as evidenced by the CCC tree marks still visible.

Once the trail drops down into forest about a mile and a half from Silver Creek, it starts to disappear. It then gets worse and worse, descending into a hellish quagmire of tan oak and silktassel. Very steep, treacherous, dramatic views of Silver Creek falls, knife-like ridges, massive trees, Port Orford Cedar, and great camp sites…

Trails down around Silver Creek are closed until a buyout can occur with the current landowners who owns a small inholding. The infamous Silver Creek Falls in accessed through this inholding.
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