Babyfoot Lake, Babyfoot Lake Rim, and Kalmiopsis Rim trails recieve trails work

The Siskiyou Mountain Club, thanks to a partnership with the Wild Rivers Ranger District (Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, OR), have recently cleared logs and debris from the Babyfoot Rim Trail, Babyfoot Lake Trail, and Kalmiopsis Rim Trail: Onion Camp to Chetco Pass. There are still logs that a hiker can easily step over along these trails but the worst of the obstacles were removed. Plans are to proceed with chainsaws on the remaining logs, outside of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

While we were working, five people came by to go boating and camping along the Wild & Scenic Chetco River, thanks to volunteer efforts from the last several years and more recently, this route is now passable. The Chetco Pass down to Slide Creek is still blocked by a tremendous amount of new tan oak and falling dead trees.

Babyfoot Lake Trail - before

Tight grained Brewer Spruce along the Babyfoot Lake Trail - before.

Babyfoot Lake Trail - after
Tight grained Brewer Spruce along the Babyfoot Lake Trail - after.

Babyfoot Rim Trail - before

Clearing logs along the Babyfoot Rim Trail. Siskiyou Mountain Club.
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